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In today’s rapidly changing environment, precise and timely intelligence is more important than ever. At Knightsbridge Research, that is precisely the intelligence we deliver. We take best practices and technology from the agency, military, and commercial sectors and tailor them to meet the unique and demanding needs of private business owners, corporate executives, government agencies, policymakers, and non-profit directors alike.

Our highly-trained analysts and cutting-edge technologies provide the intelligence insight you need to make critical business decisions, operate safely, manage risk, and mitigate loss. We provide customized and precisely tailored intelligence solutions to give you the advanced insight and the comprehensive situational awareness you need to make timely and informed executive decisions.

Whether operating in an increasingly turbulent environment, conducting high-risk operations, or running critical and dynamic logistics, we provide the insight you need to operate securely.

Knightsbridge Research. See the Storm. Be Prepared.

24x7 Intelligence Overwatch

KBR deploys state-of-the-art Social Media, Open Source Intelligence, and data analysis and aggregation technology to provide you with real-time data and reporting on any locations or subjects of interest you define. Our results are filtered and reviewed to provide you with actionable insight without burying you in a sea of data.

Location of Interest Study

Our Location of Interest solution provides you with a detailed and documented view of the geographic, economic, political, and social dynamics in your area. The study provides invaluable information to inform business and operational decision-making. Should we locate here? Do we need additional security there? What are the most likely triggers of violence near me? These are the types of questions we answer through our Location of Interest Study Solution. This insight allows you to make better business and operational decisions impacting locations, logistics, and routes.

Dynamic Automated Mapping

Developed first by DARPA to provide detailed mapping data for the US Special Operations Command in the Global War on Terror, our Dynamic Automated Mapping solution has been completely rewritten and revised from the ground up to meet the needs of commercial enterprise, non-profits, government entities, and individuals. DAM incorporates a flexible API structure and robust mapping automation that bridges the gap between basic and limited mapping solutions such as Google Maps and expensive yet bloated solutions such as ArcGIS.

Dynamic LOI Study

Building on the results of the initial Location of Interest Study, and by incorporating both our Dynamic Automated Mapping and Intel Overwatch solutions, we use a combination of proprietary technology and experienced intel analysis to provide 24x7 intelligence overwatch of your location or route of interest. If anything changes in the surrounding area, in any domain, that may impact your operations or security interests, you will be the first to know.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Enhanced Situational Awareness provides you with a comprehensive real-time view of any event. This event could be an annual board meeting, a high-profile sporting or charity event, or tracking civil unrest in your area. We provide intelligence previews of the event space, identifying potential disruptions or threats. We also provide comprehensive intel overwatch, a dedicated team of intel analysts, and the option to have additional intel and security resources on the ground. Our coordinated Analysis and Control Element will relay prioritized intel directly to you, your security team leader, or your Tactical Operations Center. This solution ensures that even the most controversial event or troubled location can be managed peacefully and without incident.

Regular Briefings

Our team can focus on one or more areas of interest, providing ongoing OSINT reporting and analysis, capped off with a weekly virtual real-time briefing with our key analysts. This is followed by an open-ended Q&A and can be expanded to include RFIs around certain areas where you need deeper insight or coverage.

Ground Truth Verification

We deploy highly trained intel professionals to the location of your choosing to provide valuable “eyes on” observation and intelligence gathering. Our team is trained to blend seamlessly into the environment while gathering the critical Ground Truth verification you need to make even your most consequential decisions.

Applied Research

This is a customized project built for your specific applications using our world-class and proprietary technology combined with our seasoned, experienced resources to give you a complete picture of any situation, target, or environment. When you want to know everything there is to know about a subject, this is the solution for you.